Demographic comparisons of Black Farmers Nationwide

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The 2007 Census of Agriculture reported that 2.20 million farms operated in the US. Of this total, 32,938 or approximately 1.5% of all farms, were operated by African-Americans.

Over 74% (24,446) of African-American Farms in the US. reside in Texas, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia and Louisiana.

Average Annual Market value for farms operated by African-American farmers in 2007 was $30,829. The national average for white US farmers was $140,521.

Overall, he number of farms operated in the US increased by 3.2% between 2002 and 2007. Farms operated by African Americans increased from 29,090 to 32,938 an 11% increase of the five year period.

In 2007, 348 (757 in 2002) African-American farmers received Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) loans amounting to a total of $9.9 million. This averaged $28,408 per participating African-American farmer, about 32% of the national Average ($87,917). Average CCC loan value to white farmers was $88,370.

Other federal farm payments to African-American operated farms averaged $4,260. Half the national average government farm payment of $9,518. About 31% of all African American farmers received some government payment compared to 50% of white farmers.

Source: 2007 Census of Agriculture, NASS

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