New Film - Soul Food Junkies

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I saw an exclusive showing of preview of the latest movie Soul Food Junkies from Bryon Hurt the maker of classic Movie documentary Hip Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes. Bryon Hurt is now focusing his efforts on bad eating habits within the black community. The movie preview that I saw was intriguing that played like a PSA for the black community think about what you eat or your health will suffer. This movie is important because it is sensitive to the cultural values of the black community mainly food and family which are both sacred. An added component Hurt adds into the mix is health which is often not equated to the day to day food habits. Food is however one of the most important things to consider for long term health. In the movie preview we saw a vegan mother feeding her child sea weed avocado rolls and the little girl was loving it. The preview also had a cameo from the famous comedian Dick Gregory who said "we were vegetarians 5 days a week and meat was a treat on the weekends". I am very excited to see the results of this movie and am a big fan of Bryon Hurt and all his good work. Thanks also to Malcolm X Grassroots movement for playing this preview and for their take back the land movement presented at the 2010 Black Farmers and Urban Gardener Conference in NYC.

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