Food Cooperatives in Portland, Oregon

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My wife and I are thinking about joining a food cooperative. I am doing the research to find out which one would be best for us.

A list of all of the Food Cooperatives in Portland, Oregon.

Alberta Co-op Grocery - 1500 Northeast Alberta Street Portland, OR 97211 (503) 287-4333 - http://www.albertagrocery.coop/
How Much: 15 twice a year for 6 year or full $180 share
What you get:
# You are a co-owner of the store and receive a vote in major Co-op decisions
# Discounts at our Sister Organizations
# 2% discounts on all your purchases at the register
# 10% discounts on case orders and special orders
# Extra Discounts during special Owner Appreciation Events
# Participate as a working owner or serve on the board

People's food Co-op - 3029 Southeast 21st Avenue, Portland, OR (503)232-9051 http://www.peoples.coop/
How Much: $30 per year $180 full share owner lifetime
What do you get:
#Patronage Refund
#True Democracy
#Opportunity to Participate
#Free Yoga and Community Room Classes
#Special Discounts
#Excellent Product Selection Guidelines

Food Front Cooperative Grocery - 2375 Northwest Thurman Street Portland, OR 97210 (503)222-5658 - http://www.foodfront.coop/
How Much: $5 per month or $150 share
What you Get:
#5-10% discount during Owner Appreciation Festivals, four times a year
#Monthly Owner Specials
#Patronage dividends when the store is profitable-the more you shop, the more you get back
#10% discount on special order cases
#Front Lines newsletter
#Check cashing privileges

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