Dear Mr. President - focus on healthy food production

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Dear Mr. President,

Today is a historic day for our nation. It is November 10th 2010. Historically significant in my mind. This is because it is a day when we are fighting for our right to exist as farmers. While many skilled farmers were around during the period of slavery and before that in Africa. Today there are so few black farmers in America some estimates are as low as 16,000. I don't think this is merely a black issue because family farms of all races are fighting to survive today. Challenges steam the unfair advantages of corporate industrialized system of farming which has been great for growth of our international trading power, but hard on the family farm. While some farms are not successful because of bad management, other have faced difficult circumstances based on real allegations like the Pigford case. There are many other examples of small scale farmers being discriminated against, intimidated, and abused that has occurred in this nations history. These farmers need to be respected for being such innovative people and delivering such wonderful food to our tables.
There is a purpose for us to be concerned. There is a calling that we must here. There is frustration and anger that has built up through several generations of land owners who have systematically lost their land. As far as I am concerned there needs to be more lawsuits to follow from the many thousands of people who have lost their jobs, land, and lively hood, so that justice can be served. To me as a person concerned about the environment and about the ability to access good food. This on the top of my list as one of the important justice issues of our day. I hope President Obama can help with encouraging the swift passage of Pigford settlement through congress and bring to the forefront of our future food policy. Please add this to your agenda because it is desperately needing attention and action for this countries residents.


Ty Regis Cuffy Schwoeffermann

P.S. I think your are a great President Leader.

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