Share Your Yard

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Ever wanted a beautiful garden in your yard but don't have the time or energy to build it. Do what many people are doing share your yard. Set up a meeting with someone via this Portland yard sharing website. Then make agreements that fit for both parties. Next thing you know you will have a garden built where there was just grass.
Young gardeners are excited to begin practicing techniques but lack space or land of their own. By allowing your extra land to be worked you are contributing to a healthier food system and can bring food security to a community that does not have much.
I started yard sharing this summer and I am learning a lot from the experience. I am planning to continue working on this land for two years until is self sufficient and growing on its own. I started with sheet mulching to kill the grass. Now the plants are taking roots and doing well.

Ty Regis Cuffy Schwoeffermann

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