Indoor Garden Techniques

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Indoor incubation is great. I have been doing it for several months now. Here are a few pictures of my plants. I have had a bit of learning curve to this. I have some plants doing great like my pepper plant while some of the plats are getting light burns from being too close to the plant. I have had a bit of increase in bugs in this room. Some times it smells too. I am using a hydroponic fertilizer that I apply in small amounts to a 2 gallon watering can then I water each plant individually. I am also experimenting with growing multiple plants in each sack. Tobacco, tea, sage, basil, peppers, and parsley are just a few plants that I am learning how to grow. These plants are growing inside a small box lined with reflective paper and two hooligan lights. These plants have a 12 hour timer for the lights and are in full darkness during the night. I am planning on rebuilding the structure next season so that I have put a water drip system in, and a better water overflow collection. The salvia and aloe vera are growing on a south facing window cil and they are doing well.

Ty Regis Cuffy Schwoeffermann

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