Profile in Courage Kolu Zigbi

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This is my great pleasure to introduce Kolu Zigbi as my first profile in courage. She is making big strides in Ney York as Program Officer for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems for the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation. She will also be the keynote speaker for the Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners Conference coming up Nov 19th.
Why she stood out to me is her international ties to Liberia and her passion for her family. Both qualities that I admire and can relate to. She has taken a very strategic step towards food access by being involved in the national and local food access discussions. Also being at the table for important food policy issues is another of her important roles. I can't wait to meet her and see her speak at the conference.
It is important to showcase leaders that are encouraging the community in new ways of thinking. That is what think she brings to the table. It is not about her own selfish interests she wants the community to be uplifted which can be much harder to accomplish but can bring about longer lasting community changes.

Profile in courage Kolu Zigbi

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